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Fallout Alley Youth Zone, This is the beginning, a day after the parents disappear, the story isn't set anymore, everyone is still alive, we control the story, tell me, how will this end?
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 Zeke Nichols Ex of Non Canon Application

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Diana Ladris
Diana Ladris

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PostSubject: Re: Zeke Nichols Ex of Non Canon Application   Zeke Nichols Ex of Non Canon Application I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 4:21 pm

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Caine Soren
Caine Soren

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PostSubject: Zeke Nichols Ex of Non Canon Application   Zeke Nichols Ex of Non Canon Application I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 4:17 pm

Name: Zeke Nichols

Looks: Zeke Nichols Ex of Non Canon Application 91624m
He wears baggy black cargo's and no shirt so he can show his imprint of the darkness inside his body.

Age: 16 (Choosen by Darkness)

Birthday: 12/05/1994

Personality: He is sick and twisted. He will kill anyone within an instant and no hesitation. This is the reason the darkness chose him. He was mentally unstable and wanted unlimited amounts of power and when the FAYZ was created the Darkness saved him from the "poof" and imbued him with great power. He goes to children everywhere as if a Emissary warning them of the great evil and killing all who oppose as the Darkness commands it.

Power: Darkness gave him the power to manipulate his arms into any substance and change their form

History: Zeke wasn't always the evil kid he is today. He was raised in LA by his older brother Freddy. Their mom died giving birth to Zeke because she was too old, and their father committed suicide shortly after. His older brother Freddy was 22 at the time and his girlfriend Brianna took Zeke in. He went his entire life thinking of them as his mom and dad. He was 3 when they got married and loved his brother and his wife very much.
5 years later, Men broke into their house and Zeke hid in a closet. He watched as Brianna was violated and his brother was tortured by another man with a whip. He could only make out a few words such as "How do you like the whip cracker?" and "Black Panthers rule!". They killed the both of them before they left. Zeke was devastated and was put into an orphanage. He learned of what happened to their parents in a video his brother left and Zeke felt betrayed by the world. When Zeke turned 12 he ran away from the orphanage and grew up on the streets. He learned tricks of the trade and learned how to fire weapons.
2 years after wards, he wanted revenge against the Black Panthers. It was a massacre. When the polic arrived they found Zeke whipping the last man alive so much you could see bone. Zeke went to trial but was immediately considered to be mentally unstable and was sent to an Insane Asylum. He spent another year there getting into fights, getting in trouble and so much more.
His life was a living hell and he decided he had it. One day he broke free and ran away. He hid in a Mine shaft to the north of a small town called 'Perdido Beach'. He lived there eating food left by some idiot digging for gold. He survived and thats all that mattered. Then one day the old man saw Zeke eating and started yelling. Zeke grabbed a rock as big as his fist and smashed it into the old mans head and left him there to rot. Thats when things turned really crazy.
Not but a couple days after he heard a voice calling him deeper into the mine. He found a large evil form and it told him to sleep there so he could gain the ultimate power. Zeke listened and fell asleep. He woke up outside the mine and felt something like an extra part of his body and when he tried to move it his arms changed shape into two blades, then two hammers, then a spear and shield, then a mace and bat and ect. Zeke learned he had been blessed and did everything the Darkness said to, especially the killing.

Weapon: Powers

Faction: Gaiaphage

Powerbars: 4

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Zeke Nichols Ex of Non Canon Application
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