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Fallout Alley Youth Zone, This is the beginning, a day after the parents disappear, the story isn't set anymore, everyone is still alive, we control the story, tell me, how will this end?
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PostSubject: Canon List   Canon List I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 8:19 am

Names Powers Info

Sam -Shoots green “fire”- Loves Astrid, light in room, leader,

Astrid -Can see people’s fate- Loves Sam, smart, Lil Pete’s sis, on town council, Reserved

Caine -Telekinetic- Loves Diana, crazy, knew Darkness, Sam’s twin

Diana -Power Reader- Likes Caine, beautiful,

Drake -Whip hand- Violent, crazy, knew Darkness, was buried in the mine, thought to be dead,

Edilio -Brave, can drive, grave digger, town Marshal

Quinn -Brother to Sam, fisherman, likes Lana

Albert -On town council, “runs” FAYZ, planner

Duck -Manipulates his body’s destiny- Hero, killed Darkness

Hunter -Emmits Microwaves- Killed Harry (accident), has brain damage because of HC, banned from Perdido Beach

Orc (Charles) -Indestructible- Alcoholic, half-human half-gravel

Lana -Healer- Hears Darkness, helped Darkness, Patrick's owner

Bug (Tyler) -Camouflage- Ate Dalton’s Junior Mints

Chunk -Talkative, Caine threw him into brick wall

Panda -Driver for Coates

Howard -Orc’s best lackey, jerk, on town council,

Mary -Anorexic, bulimic, daycare, John’s sis, Mother Mary

John -Daycare, on town council, Mary’s bro,

(Computer) Jack -Super Strength- Computer genius, likes Brianna,

Dekka -Temporarily cancel gravity in small areas- Lesbian, likes Brianna, on town council

Brianna -Runner- The Breeze, likes Jack

Taylor -Bouncing-

Orsay -Dream Walker- Prophetess,

Ellen -Bus driver

Dahra -Doctor, Elwood’s girlfriend,

Elwood -Dahra’s boyffriend,

E.Z. -Eaten by Zekes, funny


Bettie -Orc murdered her with a bat


Cookie (Tony) -Injured by cross, healed, followed Lana to Mine

Anna -Dated Sam before FAYZ, Emma’s twin

Emma -Anna’s twin


Andrew -Shaker- Poofed on tape


Gaiaphage -(not exactly sure)- EVIL!, Darkness, controlling, in your head, talks, radiation, glowing, green, looks as if made of tiny ants in appearance

Emily -Moves objects- Threatens to shoot Jack, lives in
farmhouse, Brother’s sis

Brother -Emily’s brother, likes video games

Isabella -Child at Daycare

Julia -Child at Daycare

*Zil - Harry’s bestfriend, tried to kill Hunter, HC leader, Lisa’s bf

Hank - ferret faced HC

Turk - limps, Talks to much HC

Antoine - fat, drunken HC

Lisa - Zil’s girlfriend

Allison -Found mushrooms, got beaten for them

Tom -Ate Sandy’s cat, got hit with a bowling ball

Sandy -Hit Tom with a bowling ball

Tanner -Brittney’s brother, Coyote got him

Francis -Daycare worker

Harry -Hunter accidentally killed him

Water Bats -Can swim- Blue, Duck discovered them

Brittney -“Zombie” can’t die- Tanner’s sis, likes Mike F, Solider, half Drake,

Heather -Guard at Power Plant, Solider

Alton -Dalton’s twin, guard

Dalton -Alton’s twin, guard, had Junior Mints,

Josh -Security Camera guard at Power Plant

Mike J -Guard

Mike F -Guard, Mikey’s bff

Mikey -Guard, Mike F’s bff, shot in head

Sinder -Goth, Charlie’s gf,

Nerezza -EVIL, Gaiaphage Avatar

Cigar (Bradley)


Derek -Jill’s bro

Jill -Siren- “Adopted” by Orsay, Derek’s sis

Penny -Hallucinogenic

Eliza -Daycare worker

Justin -Little boy at Daycare, left to his house

Roger -Lives in Justin’s house, Artful Roger

Sanjit (Wisdom) -Lives on the island,

Virtue (Choo) -Lives on the island,

Peace -Lives on the island,

Bowie -Lives on the island,

Pixie -Lives on the island,

Frankie -Said he saw Drake walking on beach

Katrina -In Quinn’s fishing fleet

Big Goof -In Quinn’s fishing fleet

Ashley -Child at daycare

Consuela -Found Leonard dead

Leonard -Whipped to death by Drake


Barry -Penny tested her powers on him,



Max -HC

Rudy -HC

Trent -HC

Elizabeth -Solider

Marty -Solider, shot in hand at Gas Station

Jonas -Ex solider,

Zadie -Daycare worker

Jasmine -Jumped off the boat to the island

Paint -Huffs paint


Charlie -Sinder’s boyfriend

Jezzie -Trent’s girlfriend, lives with Sinder


Roscoe -Sinder’s ex, on search team

Trent -Jezzie’s Boyfriend

Louise -Driver, on search team

Becka -6th grader

Joel -Helped rescue Sam from the fire

Eloise -Daycare worker[strike]
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Canon List
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