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 Role Playing Rules

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Diana Ladris
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Role Playing Rules Empty
PostSubject: Role Playing Rules   Role Playing Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 01, 2011 11:11 pm

These rules must be followed at all times while roleplaying. No exceptions.

1.) No Text-Talking. Text talking is a short hand way of typing. Also known as being lazy in the roleplay world. If you can't write out the whole word, then you shouldn't be roleplaying because it shows that you lack dedication and the urge to write. Examples of text-talk are: U, Y, TTYL, GTG, BRB, LOL, ect. Text-Talk may be used for Out Of Character talk only.

2.)No God-Moding. God-Moding is looked down upon even more than text-talking is in the roleplaying community. God-Moding is when you assume the role of God, basically. You feel the right to do whatever you want to other people's characters. Examples of God-Moding are: Killing someones character, attacking a character and not allowing the other person to react, writing what the other character is doing. If you want to control all of the characters, then write a book.

3.)No One-Liners. Roleplaying is about using your imagination. One-Liners are boring and they are weak. Who is going to be able to reply to something as simple as 'Diana was walking down the street.' No one. It leads to slow and boring roleplays. Storylines will become dull and weak. So, just don't do one-liners.

4.)No more than 2 Canon Characters per person. If everyone goes around claiming 4 or 5 canons, then it will make the game boring with very few people and styles of writing. There will also only be one of each canon character.

5.)Non-Canons will be normal, unless we (the admins) say other wise. If you want your non-canon to be a freak, then you must write at least five paragraphs for the back story. Then myself and the other admin will read it and decided if the back story is interesting enough. The reason for this is that we do not want a whole bunch of freaks, but no normal people running around. Likewise, if your non-canon freak application gets approved, the power level is not allowed to be over 3 bars. If you want the character to have a power over that limit, you must PM an administrator and give us a reason why. The reason must have a good storyline or it will more than likely not be approved.
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Role Playing Rules
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