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Fallout Alley Youth Zone, This is the beginning, a day after the parents disappear, the story isn't set anymore, everyone is still alive, we control the story, tell me, how will this end?
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 Troy Izack (WIP)

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PostSubject: Troy Izack (WIP)   Troy Izack (WIP) I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2011 6:19 pm

Name: Troy Izack
Troy Izack (WIP) Light7
He has brown hair, blue eyes, and a happy expression almost all the time.
Age: 14
Birthday: 10/03/97
Personality: He is a happy kid. He always looks on the brighter side of things and always cracks jokes at every turn. He has this air to him to make people feel happy around him as well. However even though he is very kind and happy, he will defend those he cares about until the very end. He is also a survivalist. Although he hated being a Cub Scout his dad taught him how to survive in the woods for weeks with nothing but a knife and a lighter.
Power: Memory Manipulation, Able to make people forget things or remember things, or even create fake memories
History: Troy was born and raised in San Fransico by his mother. His Mother was good to him in every way but she had a low income job and they had many financial struggles. Troy didn't mind though. If he needed new clothes he would go out and do odd jobs for the money.
Weapon: Baseball Bat and Powers
Faction: Perdido beach Kid
Powerbars: 4

Troy Izack (WIP) Caine-and-Diana-caine-and-diana-9290230-875-411
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Troy Izack (WIP)
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