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Fallout Alley Youth Zone, This is the beginning, a day after the parents disappear, the story isn't set anymore, everyone is still alive, we control the story, tell me, how will this end?
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Caine Soren
Caine Soren

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Site Rules Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 01, 2011 10:38 pm

1. NO SEX; its disgusting and no one wants to read it, any posts about it will be deleted and the user will be banned permanently
2. Foul language minimum; now a dammit here and there wont hurt, but if every other word is a swear word then you will receive a 3 day ban
3. Trolling or Bashing=BAD; C'mon, no one likes a bully, don't do it. If you feel you have been trolled or know someone is being bashed report it to Me or Manipulative Witch in a PM, you will remain anonymous and punishment depends on how bad the trolling or bashing was
4. NO GOD MODDING: I dont care if you mutated, if you werent a freak to start with, your not a freak in a time of need.
5.No killing without permission from user your killing; self explanitory
6. DONT ASK TO BE ADMIN; No you cant be admin shut up
7.OOC is for OOC; dont post inside of a topic wihtin the fayz saying "Hey did you hear they were gonna start distibuting Fear? OMGSH its so awesome!" post it inside the OOC section of the forum
8. PLEASE Intro then character app; Introduce yourself first or just do a character application, i dont care which, but make sure you make the application before you roleplay

Thank you for following the rules and have a wonderful RPG experience
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Site Rules
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